Engineering cases
To provide you with professional sand washing equipment custom solutions

Advanced technology

Sand washing equipment for many years、The sand factory house,Experienced strong,Win the trust of customers

Stick to it“ Quality,Insurance benefits ”The principle of,Meet your one-stop demand


Reliable performance

Technology advanced processing production line,Strict production process control and quality management system,Eliminate quality hidden trouble。

Industry senior technical team,Customize products according to different needs and equipment,To quickly solve your problem。


Sold everywhere

Strictly implement enterprise standardization management mode of operation,Processing experience,Delivery cycle stability

Each product before delivery,Through professional inspection equipment,Put an end to unqualified products


Perfect after-sales

Visit old customers,Listen to customer feedback,In a timely manner to deal with and solve the problem

Every year1-2Technical inspections,Check the equipment operation situation,Professional guidance and maintenance advice

Company profile
Many companies provide stone washing machine products and services
  • Sand washer

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One of the company is located in the beautiful and rich ancient kyushu qingzhou,Is the washing sand machine,Sand washing machine,Wheel sand washing machine,Small sand washing machine,Sand separator sand washing equipment such as professional manufacturers,According to the needs of customers design and production equipment。Is state machinery has nearly20Design and production experience for many years,The product is easy to operate、Stable performance、The use of low cost、The advantages of long service life,Products covered in shandong,Guangdong,Guangxi,Hainan and throughout the country。【To view more】